5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Freight Transportation

The freight transportation company you choose will play a large role in the success of your business. Your delivery time, your costs and your customer satisfaction will ultimately rely on your provider, so it’s important to choose carefully. Don’t just select one out of the phone book or from a cursory Google search; do your research, call candidates, and find out which is the absolute best partner for your company.

If you’re looking for a freight transportation company, be sure to consider these five important factors:

  1. Delivery times – How quickly can they make deliveries? Do they offer same-day service? Do they offer shipping 24/7? If you want to ensure you can always serve your customers – day or night – then these are all must-haves for your freight partner.
  2. Service areas – What geographical areas do they serve? Do they only deliver in the city or state they’re located in? Or do they ship out to the entire country or the world? You can’t be sure how your company will expand or move in five years, so don’t get stuck with a freight provider who can’t deliver.
  3. Methods – How do they ship? Is it all via a simple big rig, or do they offer other options, too? Can you choose air freight for faraway shipments if necessary? You want to be sure you have as many shipping choices as possible.
  4. Tracking technology – Do they offer you a way to track your shipments every step of the way? Can you access your shipments and accounts easily online? Tracking capabilities allow your management team to ensure quality, timely deliveries every time.
  5. Pricing – How much do they charge per shipment? Is it a flat rate, is it based on mileage or is it based on size? Is there a cap? These are all important considerations before choosing a freight provider.

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