Benefits of a Bike Courier Service

By September 18, 2014Bike Courier

Though traditional courier and freight methods can get the job done, sometimes a bike courier is simply the more effective option. A bike courier can often pick up, transport and drop off your delivery in just a matter of hours. Plus, they offer a more personalized, hands-on approach than other freight options.

Are you considering using a bike courier service for your next delivery? Here are four advantages you’ll enjoy if you do:

  1. Fewer traffic issues. If you live in a busy city, traffic can slow down your deliveries significantly. Bike couriers, on the other hand, are less affected by stoplights, gridlock and other traffic signals. They can take alternative routes, use the sidewalk and even go on back roads to get to your final destination faster and more efficiently.
  2. Your package gets one-on-one attention. With most courier services, your delivery is just one of dozens being handled. Your package gets stowed on the truck and dropped off sometime during the driver’s route, which could take all day. Bike couriers only handle one job at a time. They’ll pick up your shipment personally, and then ride immediately to the final destination for drop off.
  3. Environmentally friendly. Bikes don’t run on gas or pollute the air like cars and trucks do. Using a bike courier will help cut down on your company’s environmental footprint. If you’re looking for ways to go green at your business, be sure to use a bike courier as often as possible.
  4. Less expensive. Bike couriers are also more economical. They don’t have to pay for gas or car maintenance, and they’re much faster, so you’ll have less staffing costs to cover. In the end, it means a cheaper delivery price for you.

Want to reap all these benefits? Then consider using a bike courier service today. Call Dependable Express now to learn more or to schedule your first delivery.

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