Cross Docking for Your Warehouse

Cross DockingSpeed up your San Antonio delivery efficiency by mastering cross docking at your warehouses and other shipping facilities. Through this state-of-the-art warehousing method, incoming goods are taken directly off of incoming vehicles and placed on outgoing vehicles for delivery. This allows you to save valuable warehouse space and spend less time hunting for items in storage. Dependable Express can help your business master a variety of valuable warehousing and delivery methods.

Warehousing Logistics

In a warehouse that uses the cross docking method, incoming shipments from suppliers are received and checked in at designated inbound bays. These shipments are taken directly to a central area where they are unloaded, sorted and then repacked to be shipped out to customers. Finally, they are loaded on to outgoing vehicles which are usually parked at bays on the opposite side of the facility.

When to Use This Method

For a shipping facility with the right profile, this shipping method can greatly increase efficiency. It works best for medium to large facilities that move enough goods every day that there is not too much downtime at the central sorting stations. Additionally, warehouses that buy in bulk from suppliers, and then need to break down those bulk shipments for delivery, often find this method an efficient way of doing so.


This method is useful for warehouses that deal with perishable items like food because it reduces the amount of time items spend sitting on shelves or in storage. It ensures that the deliveries are fresher when they arrive. It also reduces the space demands for a warehouse since fewer items are warehoused and stored, which makes it ideal for shipping facilities operating under space constraints.

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