Document Shredding Services in San Antonio TX

The fastest growing crime in America today is identity theft. It affects millions of businesses and private individuals every year, causing lasting negative impact. People lose money, see their credit destroyed, and may even find themselves in trouble with the law.

Fortunately, our document shredding services can help prevent this type of threat by offering a convenient, safe and reliable way to dispose of sensitive documents.

Document Shredding Helps Prevent Identity Theft

Identity thieves often gain access to valuable, private information by “dumpster diving” for discarded records, documents and even mail. These items might contain social security numbers, account information, names, dates of birth, and other sensitive data. This data is then used to open new lines of credit, create fake IDs and fraudulently use the person’s identity for other malicious and dangerous purposes.

Our document shredding services remove and destroy information so thieves never have the chance to access it.

At Dependable Express, our team understands the need for confidentiality and will make sure that you, your business, and your customers are never put at risk through sensitive documents.

How Our Secure Document Shredding Works

No contract is required for our document shredding services. Choose from one-time document shredding and disposal or regular scheduled shredding services for your personal or business-related needs.

Our shredding services start at $25 per month, which includes secure storage containers for new customers. We also provide free container drop-off and automatic pick-up.

Shredding with Dependable Express includes:


For greater peace of mind, our three-layered insurance policy has a liability limit up to $5 million, protecting you, your clients and your business.

GPS Transportation

Your discarded information is transported in a locked vehicle that is tracked via GPS all the way to our secure shredding plant. You can even see the GPS tracking for yourself through our secure online dashboard.

Commercial Shredding Equipment

Documents are shredded in an AAA-Certified Destruction Facility, where a commercial cross-cut shredder with a 1-inch screen shreds documents into tiny particles that are then bundled and compressed into bales. This makes reconstruction of these documents impossible.


100% of all destroyed documents are shipped to a paper mill for final destruction through hydro pulping. We take these recycling measures to safeguard the environment by saving trees, fuel and energy.

Certified Destruction

We provide a certificate of destruction that lets you know we are doing our jobs properly and according to the law. This certificate of destruction meets all the FACTA and HIPAA compliance laws.

At Dependable Express, we take responsibility for your data. Once you are given the certificate of destruction upon pick-up of your documents, you are completely alleviated of responsibility. Our document shredding services are also in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Billy Act.

Whether it’s just a few documents or you have an entire warehouse of boxes, we can handle shredding jobs of any size. Contact the Dependable Express team to learn more about our document shredding services today.

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